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Ewa Ellis, Sweden

Assistant professor
Karolinska Center for Cell therapy
Karolinska University Hospital

Dr. Ellis, PhD, serves as an Associate Professor in Experimental Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the renowned Karolinska Institute, Division of Transplantation Surgery at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention, and Technology. Dr. Ellis plays a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of critical medical areas. Notably, Dr. Ellis serves as the ATMP-coordinator at the distinguished Karolinska Center for Therapy, situated within the Karolinska University Hospital.

Dr. Ellis's expertise is centered around the intricate realm of human hepatocytes, focusing on the isolation of these essential liver cells, their meticulous cultivation in laboratory settings, and pioneering hepatocyte transplantation techniques. A prominent figure in the field, Dr. Ellis has made significant contributions to the study of bile acid metabolism, unraveling key insights that hold promising implications for both research and clinical practice.

Beyond academic excellence, Dr. Ellis possesses specialized training as an Organ Perfusionist from University of Groningen, a skillset that plays a critical role in modern transplant procedures. This unique blend of expertise underscores Dr. Ellis's commitment to the holistic advancement of transplantation science and regenerative medicine.

Currently, Dr. Ellis's research pursuits are at the forefront of medical innovation, with a particular focus on normothermic organ perfusion. This cutting-edge approach holds the potential to not only revolutionize organ preservation and transplantation outcomes, but also offering new avenues to explore cell and gene therapy and significantly advance the field of regenerative medicine.

In summary, Dr. Ellis's multidisciplinary contributions, spanning hepatocyte research, transplantation, and innovative organ perfusion methodologies, mark a significant stride towards reshaping the future of gastroenterology, hepatology, and organ transplantation.

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