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Caterina Di Bella, Italy

Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Unit
University of Padua

Caterina Di Bella is currently serving as a Researcher at University of Padua and she is a Transplant Surgeon working at Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation Unit, in Padua (Italy). She completed her residency in General Surgery at the University of Padua, where she gained experience in clinical management of kidney and pancreas allograft recipients, clinical and basic immunology, AB0 incompatible living donor kidney transplantation and living donor transplantation in immunized patients, working in one of the most high-volume Transplant Center in Italy. She had part of her training as a Research Fellow at the Transplant Service - Department of Surgery - University of Illinois at Chicago. During her fellowship, she was involved in many research projects related to kidney and pancreas transplantation, donor nephrectomy, islet transplantation and small bowel transplantation. She completed a training in islet cell isolation in November 2021 and she actively contributed to start-up the Facility in Padua for pancreas islet transplantation. She is leading a multi-disciplinary project at the University of Padua, focused on the development of human islet transplantation in a model of type 1 Diabetes in immunodeficient mice to assess the potency of different islet purification fractions in autologous and allogenic transplantation.

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