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Concurrent Session
Young Investigator Workshop on Career Development (Joint)

Saturday October 28, 2023 | 14:00 to 15:30
Room: Indigo D
Track: Joint Topic


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The mission of WIT is to advance and inspire women transplant professionals and to champion issues of sex and gender in transplantation. They aim for worldwide gender equity and inclusiveness in transplantation.
Roslyn B. Mannon, Past Chair of WIT will be attending the session in the Developing an inclusion mindset and equity, and/or work/life balance roundtable. She will also be available after the session during the young investigator reception to answer your questions and provide further details on the WIT initiative.



Melena Bellin, United States
Editor roundtable - Transplantation

Dr. Roberto Gramignoli, Sweden
Organogenisis journal representative

Leo Hans Buhler, Switzerland
Editor-in-chief round table - Xenotransplantation

Dr. Jaime A Giraldo, United States
Grant funding - JDRF

Peter G. Stock, United States
"Extracurricular" activities

Ty B. Dunn, United States
Pursuing a surgical career

Prof. Klearchos K. Papas, United States
Basic Scientist career track

Lorenzo Piemonti, Italy
Basic Scientist career track

Dr. Ekaterine Berishvili, Switzerland
Developing an inclusion mindset and equity

Prof. Hanne Scholz, Norway
Developing an inclusion mindset and equity

Dr. Silke Niederhaus, United States
Work / life balance

Matt Tector, United States
Academia vs industry

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