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Oral Abstract Session
Donor genetic modification for xenotransplantation 1

Thursday October 26, 2023 | 12:45 to 13:45
Room: Indigo D
Track: N/A


Prof. Ik Jin Yun, Korea
Comparative analysis of survival rates between single GTKO and TKO pig to monkey kidney xenotransplantation

Evelyn Salvaris, Australia
Evaluation of expression of a human T-cell depleting monoclonal antibody in islets and other tissues of transgenic pigs

Dr. Dengke Pan, People's Republic of China
A transgenic strategy for hEPCR expression in porcine endothelial cells

Dr. Kyo Won Lee, Korea
Deletion of additional iGb3s in GGTA1/B4GalNT2/CMAH knock-out pig reduces lymphocyte infiltration and tissue factor deposition in pig-to-cynomolgus arteriovenous fistula model

Dr. Mitra Gultom, Switzerland
Assessment of the immunological effect of multigene modification in donor pigs for xenotransplantation using a 3D-microfluidic in vitro model for the endothelium

Mr. Suchen Kumar Yadav, Korea
Overexpression of hCD31 in porcine endothelial cells reduces neutrophil extracellular trap formation in human and non-human primates

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