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Oral Abstract Session
Islet Transplantation: Engineering the Islet Site

Thursday October 26, 2023 | 12:45 to 13:45
Room: Indigo A
Track: N/A


Dr. Piotr Witkowski, United States
Islet allotransplantation into pre-vascularized Sernova Cell Pouch™ - Lessons learned from the first patient cohort.

Dr. Norio Emoto, Japan
Novel subcutaneous islet transplantation method using a bioabsorbable medical device to facilitate the guidance of the highly vascularized transplantation site

Dr. Kei Yamane, Japan
Establishing an appropriate environment for subcutaneous islet transplantation; assessment of the optimal preparation period through the utilization bFGF-containing agarose rods

Dr. Hiroaki Mitsugashira, Japan
Development of a novel method for measuring tissue oxygen pressure to improve the hypoxic condition in subcutaneous islet transplantation

Dr. Ji Lei, United States
Bioengineered Omental Transplant Site Promotes Islet/Cell Survival in Non-human Primates

Mr. Jonathan Brassard, Canada
Engineering a vascularized bioartificial pancreas for stem cell derived islet maturation

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