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Oral Abstract Session
Cell-based immune therapy for transplantation

Friday October 27, 2023 | 09:35 to 10:35
Room: Indigo 204
Track: N/A


Ms. Mizuki Inage, Japan
Therapeutic potential of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in islet transplantation

Mrs. Agustina Forgioni, Japan
Efficacy of ex-vivo generated donor antigen-specific immunomodulatory cells on pancreatic islet transplantation

Dr. Masaki MH Harada, Japan
CD80/CD86-CD28 costimulatory block enhance the regulatory T cell function with specificity and prolong islet allograft acceptance

Dr. Yuki Y Imaoka, United States
Identifying High TRAIL-Expressing Liver NK Cells from Deceased and Living Donors for Effective Immunotherapy

Dr. Roberto Gramignoli, Sweden
Human Amnion Epithelial Cells reduce disease progression in a mouse model for multiple sclerosis

Dr. Reza F. Saidi, United States
Pancreas After Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Over the Past 20 Years in the USA

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