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Oral Abstract Session
Pre-clinical application of xenotransplantation

Saturday October 28, 2023 | 05:30 to 06:25
Room: Indigo 204
Track: N/A


Dr. Takayuki Yamamoto, United States
What further steps are required to enable the successful clinical transfusion of pig red blood cells? Experience in the TKO pig-to-capuchin monkey model

Prof. Ralf R Tönjes, Germany
Isolation and functional analysis of an ecotropic porcine endogenous retrovirus PERV-C from a Yucatan SLA D/D haplotype inbred miniature swine

Cullen Soares, United States
Correlation of LV-Global Longitudinal Strain with Invasive Hemodynamics in the First Genetically Modified Porcine to Human Xeno Transplant

Dr. Christopher McGregor, United States
Gal knockout sheep: a new paradigm for future preclinical biological heart valve testing.

Ms. Julia Radan, Germany
Quantitative and qualitative assessment of pleural effusions after preclinical orthotopic cardiac xenotransplantation

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