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Oral Abstract Session
Islet transplantation: Novel therapies and novel methods

Sunday October 29, 2023 | 08:00 to 09:30
Room: Indigo A
Track: N/A


Paul R.V. Johnson, United Kingdom
Perlecan: An islet basement membrane protein with anti-inflammatory qualities

Dr. Roberto Gramignoli, Sweden
Engineered pancreatic islets: Perinatal amnion epithelial cells in Support to pancreatic islet transplantation

Miss ChaeRim Yoo, Korea
Hyperoxygeneration of chloroplast in hydrogel composed of alginate-peptide conjugate for successful pancreatic islet transplantation

Dr. Ge Li, United States
Functional subcutaneous engraftment of human islets achieved by co-transplantation with vasculogenic and adaptable endothelial cells

Dr. Yi Wang, People's Republic of China
Prolactin modulates the differentiation of pancreatic ductal cell to islet-like cell

Dr. Keiko Omori, United States
Gastrin-17 promotes survival and function and decreases inflammation of long-term cultured human islets

Dr. Karim Bouzakri, France
ILV-001 a highly promising therapeutic agent for islet transplantation

Dr. Simon N Chu, United States
Improving the safety of stem-cell-derived beta cell transplantation with an inducible safety switch

Dr. Bashoo Naziruddin, United States
Expansion and Differentiation of Human Pancreas-derived Islet Cell Precursors into Functional Islet Cell Organoids

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