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Oral Abstract Session
Organ and tissue preservation, cryopreservation and reconditioning

Saturday October 28, 2023 | 14:00 to 15:30
Room: Indigo H
Track: N/A


Shadab Abadpour, Norway
Organ-on-chip platform to model metabolic crosstalk between islets and liver

Dr. Catherine Parmentier, Canada
Islet Isolation after Normothermic Ex Vivo Machine Perfusion of 2 Discarded Human Pancreas Allografts: A Proof of Concept Study

Mr. Mohamed A Elzawahry, United Kingdom
Oxygenated hypothermic machine perfusion of the pancreas; a porcine circulatory death model to compare a ‘continuous’ and an ‘end-ischaemic’ approach

Dr. Anil Kharga, United States
Utilization of oxygenated Hemopure based University of Wisconsin solution during simulated procurement, back-benching, and graft implantation to minimize ischemic reperfusion injury in a rat liver transplantation simulated on pump

Dr. Antoine Buemi MD, Belgium
Exploring preservation modalities in a split human pancreas model to investigate the effect on the islet isolation outcomes.

Dr. William E Scott III, United Kingdom
Generation of optimally-sized primary human pancreatic microtissues through single cell dissociation and a novel suspension microcavity system is associated with resolution of disrupted organelle ultrastructure and reestablishment of cell-cell interactions

Miss Carolin Hermanns, Netherlands
A conceptual supportive cell based implant for beta cell replacement therapy

Dr. Stefan Bencina, Sweden
Cryogenic preservation of perinatal stem cells in DMSO-supplemented or DMSO-free GMP-grade conditions

Dr. Peggy Stock, Germany
Human organotypic co-culture model of pleura

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