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Rapid-Fire Abstract Session
Pre-clinical and clinical application of xenotransplantation and current barriers 2

Thursday October 26, 2023 | 15:20 to 16:20
Room: Indigo H
Track: N/A


Guerard Byrne, United States
Biological equivalence of genetically engineered porcine pericardium for biological heart valve manufacture: a randomized 150 day blind study in sheep.

Mrs. Elisabeth C. K. Neumann, Germany
Medical training of baboons in orthotopic cardiac xenotransplantation

Dr. David K Cooper, United States
Antibody cross-reactivity in pig organ xenotransplantation: how important is it?

Dr. Kohei Kinoshita, United States
Is Therapeutic Protein Leakage from Membranous Nephropathy a Factor in the Rejection of Pig Kidneys?

Dr. Kohei Kinoshita, United States
Can pyelonephritis initiate antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) of a pig xenograft?

Dr. Kyo Won Lee, Korea
Monitoring pCMV and cytokine levels is crucial for recipient survival in pig-to-cynomolgus Xenotransplantation

Dr. Javier Galindo, United States
Cardiac xenotransplantation from 10 gene-modified pig hearts into non-human primates

Miss Madison N. Cooper, United Kingdom
A systematic scoping review of studies investigating the fate of cells administered in clinical and whole organ studies

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